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Sacred Art


My Devotional Practice 

Art is a huge part of my spiritual journey. Images help me meditate and integrate as I learn stories and histories. I draw everything first in pencil, by hand, then ink the art also by hand. It is a labor-intensive process, one I can only undertake when I am feeling well.  But I love the long history and tradition of sacred art practice and when I create I feel myself connected with my ancestors, both spiritual and physical.

The Divine Mother of Herbs

The Feast of the Assumption is celebrated also as the Feast of the Divine Mother of Herbs. Herbs and produce are brought to Mass and blessed, that they may be filled with the Divine spirit and thus more potent as food and medicine.

In my interpretation of the Divine Mother of Herbs she wears a crown of wheat, Queen Anne's Lace, Bachelor's Buttons, Angelica and Rose Hips. Her mantle is covered in Morning Glories and saplings adorn her skirt. In her bouquet are flowers from my August garden: Hyssop, Oats, California Poppies, Coneflower, Poppy Hearts, more Angelica, Roses and Black Eyed Susans. Her outfit is based on a vintage Polish postcard. Behind her the hills are rimmed with farmland. She is mantled in the sun.

This day of blessing calls us into relationship with the sacred earth and her eternal presence in the feminine Mystery of Mary.

The Divine Mother of Herbs
St. Brigid of the Mantle

Brigid is a particular favorite of mine, as in lore she bridges the pagan/druidic world and the Christian world.

In this interpretation she wears symbols of the Old Ways, carvings found on the stones at Newgrange. In her heart she holds the sacred fire of her faith, which becomes the waters of life. She is surrounded by flowers that bloom on her feast day, February 2nd: Snowdrops and chickweed. At her throat she wears a St. Brigid's cross of reeds, patterns that echo through her mantle hood and in the snakes that flank her.

Brigid reminds me that to live in fullness is to integrate--not deny--the past. Her history is full of sacrifice, adoration and spirit.

St. Brigid
2010 - present
2010 - present
Our Lady of Sorrows--Coming Soon

This is a work in progress I've begun in honor of the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows in September.

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