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Remembering and Practicing the Olden Ways

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The purpose of this record is to reconnect and inspire--through craft, practice, art, writing and sharing my personal path. In this digital world we crave the handmade, the human touched, the rhythm of prayer and skill that used to define life.

This past year I underwent a dramatic transformation, personally and spiritually. The process of what was then called The Dark Goddess Year was intended to integrate a difficult, near-death experience, but what emerged was a powerful impetus to articulate my values and reorder my life accordingly.

I have resisted some of this exploration for years, because it calls me away from the safety of what I have known--online work, online community. It calls me into accord with the daily trials of lived reality, history, tradition and family. It is uncomfortable, I have edges. I have questions.

And so this season I'm beginning a journey of faith. Returning to some of my earlier practices--voluntary simplicity, reclaiming the sacred everyday, centering family and reaching out to real community--but also for the first time in my life making an intensive commitment to a personal spiritual journey. For now--and in a huge change from the past few years-- I am keeping this portion of my path private, though I anticipate sharing when it feels right at a later date.

Outside of my personal, spiritual journey other, I hope to document other, connected interests the intent of re-membering, rebuilding my/our relationship with human touched, created things: books, music, art, sewing, gardens, cooking, letter writing, herbal medicine, folklore and family traditions.

My wish is to provide not only inspiration through old photos (all images on this site are in the creative commons) and text, but to offer suggestions and tutorials for how we can integrate these Olden Practices into our daily lives, crafting communities of commitment to an offline life.

This is Olden Practice, the actions--rather than ideas--of our ancestors that live still, are with us, breathe in us and only wait to be recalled, to enrich our lives with meaning, purpose and beauty.

May my record be a gift.

May this gift find you in blessing.

May this gift find you with love.

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