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Creating Local Community for Olden Practice

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PO Box 86566 

Portland, OR 97206

Olden practice is not online!

To practice in accord with ancestral lifeways and live into remembered traditions we have to reconnect locally and in person.

The purpose of crafting this space for engagement is inspiration.

We can look at and long for olden practices, communities and skills, but until we actually move into the real world we miss the whole point and keep ourselves from the vital joy of this work. So get out there and start practicing!

Unsure as to how?

There are, several opportunities that begin online but will, with practice and faith, grow roots into your communities local, the lived, the real:

Come Unlearn Online 

Join the Sacred Writing Workshop

Support Olden Practice on Patreon and delve deep each moon into an ancestral craft, skill or tradition you can practice at home with your loved ones.

Do you want more information? In the spirit of Olden Practice you can write me a letter--or ask a question using the form below. I will be creating a regular podcast to answer questions and support folks in their lived journey of Olden Practice.

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